The IDEAS competition (Ideas that Developed, Established and Advanced Science) invites students to board a journey, a walkthrough of the history of philosophy and sciences and create a an animation or a movie highlighting the promotion of science from Ancient Greece to date. The competing participants will compose a coherent presentation, with a duration of 2-6 minutes, the course of ideas juxtaposing two scientists-philosophers of their choice

e.g. Archimedes (Περί μηχανικών θεωρημάτων, 3rd century BC), 

Pythagoras, (Οι αριθμοί καθορίζουν την τάξη και την αρμονία στο σύμπαν, 6th century BC), 

Ernst Mach (The Science of Mechanics, 1893), 

Claude Bernard (Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine, 1865),

Auguste Comte (The Course in Positive Philosophy, 1830-42) or any other 2 philosophers-scientists students may choose. The animation can be either in English or in Greek. 


Instructions for the Submission of a Movie/Animation

In order to submit your movie to the competition you will first have to fill in the online application form you will find here , where you will by asked to paste your video url (videos can be uploaded in platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube). (Deadline: 20/9/2017) 

By 30/9/2017 the teams that have been selected to proceed to phase B, through which the winners of the ACSTAC IDEAS 2017 competition will emerge, will be announced.

All the teams of Phase B will present their projects in a special conference of  ACSTAC 2017, while the 3 best ones will be presented and awarded during the closing ceremony of the Conference. 

ACSTAC Accreditations

ACSTAC is an Official Greek Ministry of Education Event.

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ACSTAC is supported by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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