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  • How to submit an Exhibition Proposal

Individuals or groups of students will be given the opportunity to present an exhibition/construction during the 6th ACSTAC Exhibition/Construction Session. Exhibitions/Constructions will concern a topic related to one of the five fields of Science and Technology (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry), prepared in the course of the school year. After conducting research about the selected topic, students can present their findings with whichever means or forms or in whatever fashion they consider most effective in order to describe it well (e.g. text, images, designs, experiments, realia, models, videos, constructions, etc.). Deadline for submission of an exhibition/construction proposal: April 15, 2017.

Each student or group of students should fill in an application form to submit their exhibition/construction proposal. In order to be accepted they will have to describe their exhibition/construction in detail (300 words). We provide some initial ideas of topics that interested students could select to present as exhibitions/constructions but of course we also welcome original student ideas. The best exhibitions will receive awards. The exhibitions should be based on a scientific topic or phenomena and can be a portrayal that focuses on one or more aspects/areas/parameters of the topic or examines the topic/phenomena in a specific way such as in terms of historical evolution, an explanatory portrayal, a qualitative assessment, an attempt to link the topic with other fields, a visualization of stages or processes, etc. Some examples are:

  1. From Allan Turing to Steve Jobs: How has computing evolved over the years (Computer Science/Information Technology submission)
  2. Food: What do we eat, why, what are the ways food is connected to different cultures, people, life expectancies, etc. (Chemistry and/or Biology submission depending on the area(s) of focus)
  3. Medicines and their qualities: What are the medicinal qualities of various plants in the treatment of diseases and how are they connected to modern scientific research and practice (Chemistry and/or Biology submission depending on the area(s) of focus)
  4. The social evolution of information and its connection to mathematics (graphs, network theories, etc.) (Computer Science/Information Technology and/or Mathematics submission depending on the area(s) of focus)
  5. Mathematics/Science and Art: How has/have Art/Artists been influenced by Mathematics/Science - particular artwork that portrays this influence  (Mathematics  submission and/or a submission in any one of the remaining four fields depending on the area(s) of focus)
  6. A story of energy exploitation: How has energy been used by mankind and what is being examined for the future (Physics submission)


You can submit your exhibition/construction proposal here:

Upon providing your contact information, you will be asked to select a scientific field and then to provide the Title of your proposal. Copy-Paste your exhibition proposal text (max 300 words) to the relative box and click on the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 days -if you do not receive the submission confirmation email please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


We look forward to receiving creative student ideas that will be presented at ACSTAC 2017! 

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