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From March 9th – 11th, Anatolia College welcomed 700 students, teachers, and special guests and over 200 visitors to the 2nd Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference (ACSTAC). First created in 2011, this mock-scientific symposium ambitiously replicates the structure and feel of a professional conference for high school participants. Last fall, the idea placed third in the TEDxAthens Challenge!

From the opening to the closing ceremonies (both of which were filmed and broadcast online!), technology and science were happily on everyone’s minds. This year, esteemed scientist and academic Dr. Stamatis Krimigis kicked off the conference with a lecture on space exploration and the new solar system; other distinguished speakers discussed everything from artificial intelligence to open learning. Dedicated teachers offered engaging workshops on Hollywood’s special effects, math and comics, and quick and dirty math techniques. Students from across Greece and Istanbul presented papers and posters on mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and biology. Specific subjects included the effects of alcohol on humans, the life cycles of stars, variations in genes, and the history of the periodic table. ACALC, a competition featuring math puzzles and logic problems, pitted teams from various schools against one another in friendly rivalry, culminating in a final round during the closing ceremony. Amid the excitement of the conference, student administrative helpers and journalists worked behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

Many thanks go out to everyone involved in the paper selection process or the conference’s organization, including the university members of the ACSTAC Scientific Committee, who guaranteed the high standard of quality and merit in papers chosen to be awarded. We look forward to another great conference next year!


● Dr. S. Krimigis, esteemed scientist and academic, was warmly applauded by a near

capacity audience.

● Dr. Erik Duval provided significant messages to educators and students addressing them

in a direct manner through a recorded video

● Dr. C. Daskalakis, MIT Professor, who spoke via skype was watched by an overflowing

audience in Raphael Hall

● Dr. T. Michailidis, mathematics professor and author of books on math and computing

● Dr. V. Muller innovatively motivated their audiences to think about interesting scientific


● Dr. George Gatos

● Mr. Apostolos Papadopoulos provided an influential talk for the younger audience


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ACSTAC Accreditations

ACSTAC is an Official Greek Ministry of Education Event.

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ACSTAC is supported by the City of Thessaloniki.


ACSTAC is supported by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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ACSTAC is an Official CERN Event.


ACSTAC is an Official EPS Event.


ACSTAC is supported by ACT.

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