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Welcome to Anatolia, a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant international learning community!

Anatolia is a private nonprofit educational institution. It is in many respects a remarkable and unique institution with a history extending over 125 years. Its integrated educational community features:

An elementary school (K-6)A Greek high school offering extensive instruction in EnglishAn International Baccalaureate world school in which all instruction is conducted in EnglishA US- accredited and EU- validated college – called The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) – offering Bachelor's degrees in a variety of fields, and an MBA program.

All of these schools are situated contiguously on our beautiful forty-five acre campus on the road to the scenic suburb of Panorama above the metropolis of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city.

Anatolia has been in existence for more than 125 years. It has faced every type of adversity, endured three wars, been forced to change location three times, including a move from Asia Minor to Greece in 1924. The school has overcome all of these setbacks to emerge as a strong and vibrant international center of learning preparing young men and women for the challenges of the 21st century. Anatolia is currently the home to over 2000 students. It not only provides to students a strong foundation for the academic and professional world but also prepares them for global citizenship.

Together with the Board of Trustees, the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Anatolia, I take great pride in welcoming you to our academic community, and I invite you to learn more about the ways and means through which you might also become a part of the Anatolia legacy.

Dr. Panos Vlachos
Acting President


Dear visitors,

Anatolia is a non-profit educational institution with a long and prestigious history of 125 years. The term "non-profit" is an important one and means that any financial surplus is reinvested in improvements to the education offered by the school.

Anatolia's mission and philosophy are described in detail on a separate page. It is worth pointing out that Anatolia aims to educate students in a way that enables them to acquire not only knowledge but their own point of view, the ability to think critically, and social awareness, so that they are ready for a creative life in the service of the societies in which they will live.

For this reason, the school offers and supports a wide variety of group and personal activities, presentations, trips, and competitions, either in the framework of the curriculum or as extra-curricular activities, in which all students can take part. In this way, it aims at fostering both teamwork and individual talents, encouraging initiative, and enhancing the development of leadership skills and confidence in oneself.

Today, Anatolia educates youth from kindergarten through undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Almost 1,300 students study in Anatolia's secondary division, which offers both the traditional Greek gymnasio and lykeio as well as an English-language International Baccalaureate program in the last two years of the lykeion that prepares students to study abroad. Even in the Greek side of the school there are extra hours of English instruction, laboratory classes in the sciences, and a vigorous extra-curricular program in both Greek and English, all on a campus of great natural beauty.

We hope that you will find our website helpful and informative and that it will give you the opportunity to appreciate the special qualities of an Anatolia education.

Theodore Filaretos
Vice President for Secondary Education



Anatolia College is an integrated academic community committed to developing students’ talents through innovative educational approaches and open inquiry within a culture of academic excellence. We instill a heightened sense of social responsibility, in an environment that nurtures the ethical, creative and physical development of young people.

We aim to be the school of choice irrespective of financial circumstance and strive to instill in our students the drive to excel in their personal, professional and social attainment.

We aspire for all Anatolia students:

• to immerse themselves in a culture of educational excellence, focused on innovation, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and the development of talents.

• to develop personal integrity, intellectual vitality, discipline and respect for themselves and others.

• to engage energetically and cooperatively in the life of the school as well as society, valuing the rich diversity of belief and experience.


We strive to:

• instill in all students the desire to seek understanding of themselves and the larger world through open inquiry and critical thinking.

• engage and develop talented, well-trained and passionate faculty committed to educational excellence.

• impact society by building valued partnerships through the engagement of the wider community by sharing best practices and promoting social responsible actions and initiatives.

• create a school environment in which all stakeholders (management, teaching and administrative staff, parents, alumni) share a common mission and operate in an open environment based on clear rules, mutual respect and cooperation.

• foster lasting bonds among faculty, staff, and students, which encourage a culture of integrity, self-reliance, and collegiality and instill a sense of responsibility for each other and for the broader world.

• create a learning environment that maximizes human potential, cultivates civic awareness, instills respect for the environment and promotes health, while enhancing the understanding among the peoples of Greece and the United States in a safe and secure

• provide to the maximum possible number of promising students the opportunity of becoming part of the Anatolia community, irrespective of their financial ability thus attracting students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds creating a community
rich in diversity.

• demonstrate a consistent balance of operational efficiency and educational effectiveness thus securing the financial strength of the organization by being a role model of sound management in a not-for-profit context.


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